Vodafone announce Qatar money transfer service



Telecoms giant Vodafone have introduced a new money transfer service for people who need to send money abroad.

The service, Vodafone Money Transfer, will allow customers to make international money transfers straight from their mobile phones, a service that will no doubt be of great use to the many expats working Qatar.

In fact the service is aimed towards expats as they make up almost three quarters of Qatar's population, and many will transfer money over to family and loved ones back home.

John Tombleson, CEO of Vodafone said, "We are thrilled to be launching this groundbreaking service that will change the way people send money abroad and make a world of difference to so many people's lives."

The service works via remittance and you do not even need to have a bank account. To use the service you must register for a Vodafone Qatar Money Transfer Account, money can then be loaded onto the account via bank transfer, in a Vodafone store or at branches of Doha Bank.