Expat jobs on the rise, more to come


According to a new study five out of ten international businesses plan on employing more expatriates than they currently have within the next five years.

Entitled “Up or out: next moves for the modern expatriate,” and compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the report shows that the future seems to be bright for expat professionals, despite the recent global recession.

Over 400 company executives in 77 different countries were interviewed for the report, and 39 percent stated their companies planned to increase their numbers of expat employees over the next five years. One out of every five executives believed that working abroad significantly improves an individual’s scope for career progression.

Most expat postings still operate in the same way with over 50 percent being permanent roles that last between two to five years, however the survey also showed that shorter overseas terms were also being undertaken, and more junior employees are also seeking work abroad.

Paul Lewis, managing editor of executive briefing at the Economic Intelligence Unit, said: “As the world is becoming more globalised, expatriate strategy is changing. Expatriate jobs are in demand, especially among younger people.”