Canada Tries to Attract Expat Workers

Expat Globe

Canada has long tried to attract expat workers to boost its industries in economic centres like Toronto, Quebec and Vancouver. However, this most expat friendly of countries has embarked on a renewed push to bring expats looking for work to its frozen north.

Canada, of course, has been experiencing an economic boom in the last decade driven in large part by high commodity prices.

Deposits of natural resources such as oil sands have often been massive but too expensive to exploit profitably. Higher prices for these commodities mean that new industries have been pioneered and have thrived.

To make it easier for employers in the province of Alberta to find workers with the specialist skills that they need the Canadian Government has introduced a Temporary Foreign Worker Annex.

The Temporary Foreign Worker pilot project was announced by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney and Alberta Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education Stephen Khan.

Minister Kenney said, “Alberta is facing some of the most acute labour shortages in the country,”

“The expansion of this pilot project will enable more employers in Alberta to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis to fill short-term skills and labour needs when Canadians or permanent residents are unavailable.”

The scheme applies to steamfitters, pipefitters, welders, heavy duty equipment mechanics, iron workers, industrial mechanics, carpenters and surveyors.

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