HMRC under fire over poor helpline


In the wake of the tax credits fiasco HMRC has now come under more fire for failing to deal with the inevitable fallout to a satisfactory standard.

Overtly complicated systems and constantly-jammed phone lines have been highlighted as the main problems as people are clamouring to get in touch with HMRC to discuss tax credits and of course the letters that have been sent out telling people they paid the wrong amount of tax.

According to consumer group Money Saving Expert users of their online forum have found it virtually impossible to get in contact with HMRC, even though in some cases they have been trying non-stop for two weeks. The people who most want to speak to HMRC are probably those negatively affected by the PAYE blunder, for these are people who will have been asked for extra taxes of around £1,428 on average.

The Money Saving Expert Facebook page has seen a large number of comments relating to the problems, one user asked “'Does anyone know why the tax credits office phone line is always busy? Been trying for 2 weeks” and another commented “'It constantly says it is busy from morning first thing until 8pm that night.”

An HMRC spokesman said: “The delays are due to a sudden upsurge in calls from people reporting changes in their personal circumstances. We sincerely apologise to our customers for any delay they may be experiencing.”