UAE expats oblivious to local culture



Around seven out of 10 expats in the United Arab Emirates have limited knowledge of UAE culture and local customs and traditions, a new survey has revealed.

A survey conducted by 999 Magazine, the official English monthly of the Ministry of Interior, has discovered that despite encouragement to learn about the UAE culture, around 72 percent of expats neglect to do so.

Just 28 percent of the respondents could display real knowledge of UAE customs, 11 percent admitted that have made no effort whatsoever to familiarise with local traditions. The survey quizzed a selection of different expats, including Westerners, Asians and Arabs, with most individuals having lived in the in the UAE for one year or longer.

Lt. Colonel AwadhSaleh Al Kindi, editor in chief of the magazine, said: “The UAE is home to more than 200 different nationalities and is known for its low crime, modern outlook and peaceful attitude. It is a dismaying fact that many expat residents have a very limited knowledge of the customs, traditions and heritage of the UAE.”

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