HMRC blunders keep on coming


New reports have emerged of HMRC producing yet another tax related error, this time their much-maligned computer system is telling people they’re owed money when they aren’t, in some cases up to £24,000.

The latest calamity has been discovered by the accountancy firm Blick Rothenberg, who noticed that one of their self-assessment clients had suddenly acquired a note stating a refund was due. Upon further investigation they realised all of their customers now had the same notification, with refund amounts ranging from a few pounds to £24,000.

Frank Nash, from Blick Rothenberg told The Telegraph: “HMRC's online system for self-assessment was down a couple of days ago. It was resurrected and when we went on to it to look at our clients' statements of account to tell them what their current tax situation was, we noticed that everybody was due a repayment.”

Knowing the full details of their clients Blick Rothenberg knew that the refunds were a mistake. Mr Nash also claims to have spoken with other accountants who have also experienced cases of phantom refunds.

This new development will undoubtedly lead to more confusion for UK taxpayers, especially those who do not have an accountant. Nash also warned that people who have received these phantom notifications should not try to claim the money though, as they are not entitled to it in the first place.

A spokesman for HMRC said: “We are urgently investigating this issue which appears to affect a small number of agents. There is no question of anyone receiving money they are not entitled to or being asked for money they do not owe.”