Alternative medicine in Asia



When travelling to new countries expats are always encouraged to immerse themselves in the new culture to ensure they settle in well and make the most of their experiences abroad.

Doing so can be most rewarding, as experiencing new ways of life and different perspectives only serves to give one a richer life experience.

With so many Western expats choosing to move to the bustling economy of Asia, it’s worth taking a look at some of the different aspects of life in the East.

Of course, Asia’s culture contrasts to the West’s in many forms, and indeed its influence is felt throughout the world. One such cultural facet is alternative medicine and the different approaches to health, although the term alternative is one attached by Westerners, as in Asia such practices are very much the norm.

Expats in Asia who are interested in different approaches to healing and alternative therapy can find many intriguing treatments in the Eastern world.

Alternative Asian treatments can inclIude:

Acupuncture- Skin is gently punctured by extremely thin needles to control energy flow, known as qi.

Aromatherapy- With this treatment essential oils are either massaged into the body or inhaled to cure ailments.

Chinese herb medicine- In China it is very common to utilise different herbs and plants for various different reasons. This can include healing traditional ailments such as colds, or tackling other types of problems, such as increasing sexual libido.

This is just a glimpse at some of the alternative treatments practiced by healers in China. Find out more about expat life in Asia by checking our City Guides.