One in three Brits dream of living abroad

Moving Abroad
According to a survey conducted by worldwide research organisation Gallup, one in three British citizens hanker after a move abroad, in fact in the entire European Union, Britain has the most want-away citizens.

Interestingly, the report suggests that the recent UK recession is not the sole reason for Brits' desire to leave. Apparently the percentage of people who want to leave, 33 percent, is the same as when the recession first showed signs of appearing back in 2008, so it appears that the British desire to get away has been festering below the surface for quite some time, which the report describes as “an underlying malaise among a sizable portion of the population”.

The study also revealed that educated Brits who are in the early stages of their careers are the most likely to have aspirations of emigration, the would be migrants are also more likely to be displeased with their general community, including aspects such local infrastructure, schools and entertainment.

In closing the Gallup report stated that: “The United Kingdom finds itself in a situation that many around the world do, with their young people and their educated the most likely to want to migrate. As Britons struggle to find solutions that keep the talent they need at home, Gallup data suggest some of the work will need to start in communities with leaders doing more to increase individual day-to-day wellbeing.”

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