Distance learning can give expats the edge


A distance learning organisation has recently started a renewed push at supplying overseas educations to expatriates.

Reseach Development International Limited (RDI) has been operating since 1994, yet they feel that distance learning is now a whole different experience to when they first began.

Online job teaching and changing job markets have drastically changed the climate of distance learning, and now instead of middle-aged hobbyists, distance learners are increasingly in their earlier working years striving for more qualifications to help them climb the employment ladder.

Nowadays, most of the courses offered by RDI are business-orientated, and there over 5,000 long distance students located in over 150 countries, most of whom are also in full time employment.

The students on RDI’s books manage their work in their own time, and have full access to the RDI online resource tool- ilearn. The ilearn tool is in essence an online classroom that gives the distance students full access to help and assistance with their course.

Dr Culling, RDI strategic marketing manager, said: “Our students come to us with specific goals, and we strive to satisfy those goals. They are already part of the workforce, but they want to earn more, get promoted, be in a position to apply for better jobs in other organisations. Thanks to the flexibility of distance learning, they can achieve those goals far more readily than a generation ago.”