Expat arrests dwindle in Dubai



The number of Britons being arrested in Dubai has dropped in the last year.

According to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office the amount of Britons who are falling afoul of UAE law has dropped by about one fifth in the last year.

The figures were revealed in the annual FCO British Behaviour Abroad report, foreign office minister David Lidington said: “We work hard to warn British nationals about the consequences of breaking the law abroad so it is really encouraging to see the number of cases of arrests and drug arrests falling.”

Over the last few years there have been a number of legal problems arising in the emirates as westerners sometimes struggle to adhere to the strict Muslim laws that rule the area. In fact, in 2009 Dubai was claimed by the British Embassy to be the part of the world where Brits are most likely to be arrested, so these figures will no doubt be seen as big positive.

According to the FCO more than one million Brits venture to the United Arab Emirates every year. Their website has long published a series of basic guidelines to follow when in the region.

If you are travelling to Dubai first consult our City Guide where you will find detailed information regarding expatriate matters.