Entrepreneurs prosper overseas



A new study has discovered that expat entrepreneurs feel they are achieving more overseas than they could have if they stayed in the UK.

In fact, being out of the UK is of the main reasons they feel there start-ups have flourished, as faster growth is seen as more achievable overseas.

The study was completed by NatWest International in tandem with the Centre of Future Studies. Together, they examined the factors that promote entrepreneurial activity in foreign countries, factors such as bureaucracy, taxes, infrastructure and economic climate.

Singapore was rated as the country best suited for new expat businesses, with Hong Kong and the United States closely following.

Dave Isley, head of NatWest International Personal Banking, said: “Setting up your own business can be difficult and you would imagine doing so abroad would be a task for the brave. But a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging and it is encouraging to see these modern-day pioneers are thriving in foreign climes.”

Speaking to the The Telegraph, one expat entrepreneur, Melinda Earsdon, spoke of the relative ease in starting a business up in Asia: “The process couldn't have been simpler. From ensuring the name was available to registering the company as a strategic communications agency and even opening a bank account, there was very little red tape to overcome. But the government aside, the local infrastructure is also perfectly suited to managing a business. The banks are reliable, the communications infrastructure is well established, corruption is low, and there are ready-made networks available through the many chambers that have established operations on the ground.”