Expat consultants wanted in China



Expat consultants are currently in high demand in China.

With more and more expats being drafted in to work in big areas of China, such as Beijing, experts are predicting that the number of expats in the country could reach new highs.

Expat consultants have always been popular in China, and now Antal International, a British recruitment agency, is planning to draft in more Brits to work in China than ever before.

China is becoming an increasingly popular destination for UK expats to relocate to, as its status as a rapidly developing economy grows.

Foreign expats now account for 10 percent of the entire Chinese work force, and they work in a number of industries across the spectrum. Lu, from ad agency METRO said: “The advertising industry in China still has a lot to learn from Westerners. Our company always welcomes professional talent.”

It has been said that foreign workers with the following attributes will always be welcome in China- fluent English, formal qualifications, strong academic background, at least two year’s experience in their sector, and knowledge of the Chinese language a serious bonus.

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