Expat golf club established in Moscow



A group of international expatriates in Moscow have come together to form an exclusive golf club in the Russian capital.

Counting expatriate members from all over the world, including the UK, US, Asia and numerous other destinations, the 32-strong league was created by friends in the Moscow business world.

The golf club has some pretty strict rules that give participation an exciting edge. Penalties in the game also carry small fines, as does antisocial behaviour- participants who do not engage in ‘banter’ are also fined. It’s a strictly testosterone affair too- women are not permitted to join the club.

Joining the club also costs money, 169,000 rubles per year to join the club, and then a further 3,000 fee for entry to the league. With various costs and fines involved, the league may be something for serious golfers only, however it will also be a great way to bond with other likeminded expats.

Two of the founders of the league, Scott Baker and Greg Oztemel, claimed that the decision to create the league was born out of a stale golf scene- “Club tournaments were stagnant, the same people were playing all the time”, Baker said. Mr Oztemel added: “It’s good competition. We get together and have fun, laugh at people not paying the fines, wisecrack.”