Expat numbers rise



New figures released by a global relocation firm show that the amount of employees being sent on foreign assignments is on the rise.

A recent survey conducted by the company Brookfield Global Relocation has revealed that 61 percent of all the global businesses quizzed expected to transfer more employees abroad in 2011 than in previous years.

However, another discovery was that expat spouses are not necessarily enjoying the same level of success. The survey found that only 15 percent of travelling spouses who were employed prior to the move were able to secure employment in their new country.

Known as trailing spouses, the travelling partner can often experience homesickness and culture shock to a far greater degree than their working partner. Apparently, these concerns often lead to an overseas job being refused by potential candidates.

Scott Sullivan, executive vice president at Brookfield Global Relocation, said: “It’s become a huge issue across the board. Companies can’t find the best people to go on assignments, so the talent pool for highly skilled international employees is deteriorating.”