Expats now cautious over work in Egypt and Tunisia


A survey conducted by a foreign recruitment firm is showing that recent bouts of political unrest are strongly putting expat workers off taking positions in certain countries.

Gulf Talent, an agency that finds jobs for expat workers in eastern locations, just revealed the findings from their annual information study. This year 32,000 professional workers from 1,400 companies were quizzed regarding their attitudes to working abroad.

With Egypt and Tunisia emerging from the throes of discontent, it should come as no surprise that these areas are now looked on with concern. However the report claims that the conflicts have also served to highlight other problems in those areas, such as high cost of living and quality of life.

This could have serious ramifications as both Egypt and Tunisia have healthy reliance on skilled expat workers. If the unrest were to continue companies within the countries could have serious problems recruiting more skilled foreign staff.

However, if a swift solution is found then the damage may be minimal, and potential expats should be aware that Egypt has any opportunities for skilled workers, visit the Cairo City Guide for more information on the region.