Expats ignore warning from native countries


Bahrain Protest

A number of expats have come out to criticise the warnings from the US and the UK that are imploring their citizens to leave Bahrain.

Many expats who are currently in Bahrain feel there is no danger to Westerners, and that calls for them to evacuate are far off the mark.

Londoner Ron Robinson, currently running a logistics company in Bahrain said: “I have had lots of e-mail messages from my children who have been worried about what they have read back home. I think the UK government advice for us to get out is way over the top. There have been a couple of hot spots but the military are dealing with this. I have no plans to leave whatsoever. If people want to leave that is up to them, but where I live there are no problems.

He added: “I have been visiting Bahrain on and off for 18 years and when I decided to set up my business I looked at Dubai and Turkey but I chose Bahrain. I believe that was the right decision for me. Business has been down a bit since the start of the trouble but hopefully now that the government has restored stability things will look up.”