Brit expats in Egypt warned to stay away from protests


In response to the turmoil currently devastating Egypt, the UK Foreign Office has issued a warning to all expats in the country imploring them to stay away from demonstrations and political gatherings.

There are known to be a number of British expatriates working in Egypt, and as political chaos storms through the city, they have been urged to stay safe. The main areas of Cairo and Alexandria are hosting some of the largest protests and as they are more likely to have expats that is where the main danger will be.

The official warning reads: “There have been a number of violent demonstrations in Cairo and other locations across Egypt, including Suez, North Sinai, Rafah, the Delta region and some areas of Upper Egypt over the past week. The situation is unpredictable and may change quickly,’ the advice says. You should monitor the situation closely and stay away from demonstrations and large gatherings of people, public buildings or other sites which may become the focus of demonstrations, such as Tahrir Square in Cairo”.

Despite these demonstrations the FO website has not yet named Egypt as a no-go zone, instead simply asking people to be vigilant and careful.