Expats thrive in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

According to a recent study Hong Kong is one of the all round best destinations for expats to venture to.

The latest part of HSBC's Expat Explorer Survey 2010, Expat Experiences, has now been released and it has revealed Hong Kong to be one of the better destinations for expats to thrive in.

The study shows that expats in Hong Kong have particular ease when it comes to setting up in the country, coming sixth in the 'setting up chart'. Expats also spoke highly of Hong Kong's transport system, with 89 percent of the respondents saying travel was of no concern and that getting around was very easy. This can perhaps be attributed to the Octopus card, a travel payment scheme similar to the UK Oyster card. Along with this figure, 67 percent of the surveyed stated that the quality of their daily commute is better in Hong Kong than it was back in their original country.

Another area that Hong Kong excelled in is making friends, with 65 percent saying they had no difficulty in making friends once they had began their lives in Hong Kong.

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