FCO launches emergency text service


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is launching a special text service that will alert Britons abroad about potential dangers that may arise.

Created in tandem with Vodafone, the service, which is currently in a trial stage, will send messages to all Brits abroad who have Vodafone phones. The messages will alert over a number of issues be they natural disasters or political unrest.

While in the trial stage the service will only be offered by Vodafone, it is expected that other mobile phone operators will offer the danger texts within a year.

Foreign office minister Jeremy Browne said: “This new service is part of our vision to deliver better consular services more cost-effectively and we’re delighted to be working with Vodafone UK and a number of partners on the pilot.”

This new service brings a more personal and direct approach to warning Britons who are abroad. Previously the FCO contact people through their tracking system LOCATE, however the new method will be able to notify more people in an easier manner.

In recent times there have been a number of incidents around the globe that have forced the FCO to warn British citizens, and they hope that this new system will aid the safety of British citizens.