Expat visitors urged to take out travel insurance



The Foreign and Commonwealth Office have urged Britons who are visiting expat relatives overseas to make sure they take out full travel insurance.

The FCO recently interviewed around 4,500 people to find out the attitudes of Britons when they travel abroad to see expat relatives.

The research has shown that while holidaymakers almost always take the necessary precautions, people who are visiting relatives often forget, or bypass arranging travel cover. One the main reasons for this negligence appeared to be a greater level of importance placed on taking British goods, such as tea, over to their friends and family who may be unable to source such items.

The worst offenders were younger travellers, 45 percent of the 16-24 year old bracket failed to take out insurance policies. Cost was cited as a chief factor in not taking out cover. The repercussions of not taking out cover were also evidenced- 39 percent of the respondents admitted to needing financial help from the people they were visiting when problems arose.

To highlight the need for insurance the FCO has now launched a ‘Know Before you Go’ campaign aimed at showing Brits how necessary travel insurance really is.

Dean Churm, British counsel in Florida, said: “What would your host appreciate more? A box of teabags or dealing with a hefty medical bill because you had an accident and were not insured? Getting comprehensive travel insurance means that whilst an accident may disrupt your holiday, it won’t bankrupt you in extortionate medical or repatriation bills.”