Guernsey finance industry praised


Popular offshore jurisdiction Guernsey has been given a glowing account at the recent Guernsey Funds Forum.

Attended by over 400 delegates, a number of renowned finance industry figures spoke of the benefits of working within Guernsey. Venture capitalist supremo Jon Moulton was one of the speakers, “The thing that Guernsey has is a very good reputation; it works very well. It has got excellent regulation and is sensibly run. You can actually talk to the regulator in marked contrast to some other jurisdictions. It has reasonable costs, the fiscal structure is sensible and the relationship with Europe, while difficult, is currently in a good place. Guernsey needs to carry on doing what it's doing into the future and it will prosper,” he said.

Guernsey has fast developed a reputation for being of the best offshore jurisdictions around due to its well regulated financial landscape.

Choosing the right offshore jurisdiction is a vital part of financial planning, as the different areas often come with dramatically different factors. Over the years Guernsey has proved itself to be one of the best regulated and safest places to conduct offshore financial business. Learn more about the offshore opportunities available to British expatriates in our offshore banking section. Alternatively, speak to an IFA and discover how offshore finance could be relevant to your unique situation.