Hong Kong office space is the world's most expensive


Hong Kong Offices

A new property survey has revealed Hong Kong to be the most expensive location in the world to rent office space.

The average price of office property per workstation increased by almost one third from a year earlier in Hong Kong to £13,730, eclipsing the previous leader, Central London.

ECA International, human resources consultancy firm, revealed in a report that a three-bedroom apartment in Chinese city's affluent Peak area would set you back around £10,411 a month.

In 2010 a 79th floor office area in The Center - a towering skyscraper owned by Li Ka-shing Hong Kong's richest man, was sold for a whopping £27,064,400.

A lack of space and dwindling interest rates has contributed to the soaring prices.

The report also claimed that office costs in the city's main business areas leapt up by 31 per cent in the last year, the highest rise anywhere in the world, due to heavy demand and limited supply.

Asian property expert David Green-Morgan, said: “We forecast that Hong Kong will continue to outpace other markets in the region, with the gap between it and other centres widening.”