New insurance plan for expats in Europe



A new international insurance plan has been launched for people who reside in Europe, regardless of where the originally hail from.

Created by international insurance provider ALC Health, the plan will cover a range of scenarios including medical costs, cancelled trips, legal costs, loss of belongings and more.

They policyholder will also have the option of adding ‘trip plans’ that will see them receiving cover in different locations depending on their travel plans.

ALC believe that this new plan will be of great use to expatriates in Europe.

ALC Health marketing director Andrew Apps said: “Our new travel plans have been designed for those who are looking for comprehensive cover at an affordable price and unlike many travel plans, ALC’s Prima Travel plan is available to anyone living in any EU member state. We believe it is an ideal option for the increasing number of expatriates who may have a local medical insurance policy but need protection when they travel abroad. A simple, straight forward and easy to follow on line application process makes Prima Travel the ideal way of protecting your health, your belongings and your travel plans.”