BBC iPlayer goes global

BBC iPlayer

The BBC's internet TV service, iPlayer, is finally set to be made available overseas for a nominal fee that is less than UK television license fees.

BBC iPlayer is a popular service that replays their television output online, this is a fantastic solution for British expats who wish to keep up to date with their favourite UK programming, however it has only been available in the UK- up till now.

The BBC is finally set to launch an international version of the iPlayer, and it has been revealed by BBC's director general, Mark Thompson, that the service will cost international clients a subscription fee of just over £5.00 per month.

While complete programming details have not been revealed, it is expected that the current TV catch-up service will be extended to whole seasons of TV shows, includingcurrent programs and also old favourites.

While some UK citizens are questioning why the service will give overseas customers programming cheaper than those from the UK, the BBC has been quick to stress the service will be very different, and that the profits will be geared at making the UK service better.

A BBC spokesman said: “The global iPlayer will not be the BBC's entire UK services for a year wrapped up in an app. It will be a combination of current and past shows, editorially tailored for different international audiences. By contrast, the licence fee entitles UK households to receive 10 TV channels, 15 national and 40 local radio services, BBC Online, BBC Mobile and BBC iPlayer - all free at the point of use. This access to new, live content via TV, radio and online is clearly very different from the great British programmes that will be available on the global iPlayer. Future profits from the global iPlayer will be reinvested back into the BBC to help make great, original programmes for UK licence fee payers.”