Man finds rare coin amongst pub change

Unmarked 20p

A man from Peterborough has unwittingly been handed the highest amount of extra change in history- a 20p coin potentially worth £7,000.

While enjoying a drink at his local pub, 38 year old Lloyd Hefferman approached the bar to by a drink. Later, upon checking his change he noticed that a 20p he had been given to him that was marked without a date, and he suddenly realised he was the recipient of something rather special.

Last year, the Royal Mint in Cardiff made a big error and released a number of incorrect 20p pieces. These 20p pieces have no date on them, the first time there has been a dateless coin in 300 years.

Upon learning of their release, collectors were whipped into a cyclonic frenzy, with people around the world clamouring to get their hands on the ultra-rare coins no matter what the cost. Reports have already come in of the coins fetching sums well into the thousands on eBay- one just sold for over £7,000

Hefferman spoke of his excitement upon finding the coin: “I had heard about the rare 20 pence pieces on the news that day, and was talking with my mates about how brilliant it would be to find one. When I was given my change I thought I would have a look to see if I had one, not expecting to find it and then I just couldn't believe my eyes. I have had offers from friends and colleagues for up to £500, but won't be selling it yet.”

There are thought to be around 200,000 of the renegade coins currently in circulation, but the odds of finding one are still very small.