Moscow tops list for priciest business hotels

Moscow Hotel

Fresh from learning that Tokyo had the highest prices for expat rents, news is now coming in that Moscow hotels are the most expensive for visiting business customers.

A UK business travel agency- Hogg Robinson Group PLC- conducted a survey examining the prices of hotels around the world, and they discovered that Moscow was the priciest.

Apparently the hotel prices in Moscow have actually gone down by three percent, but even with that decline the cost is still higher than anywhere else.

Margaret Bowler, director of Hogg Robinson's global hotel relations said: “More than half of the 75 cities we surveyed recorded room rate increases, reflecting the improving, albeit tentative, levels of business confidence. Of course, particular countries and regions are emerging quicker than others from recession, but there are definite signs of increasing room rates, which go hand in hand with increasing business travel.”

The average cost of a business hotel room in Moscow is currently £258 per night. However the hotels judged are not everyday bed and breakfast joints, since the jet-setting businessman rarely stays in that kind of establishment only top-tier hotels were rated. Ms Bowler added: “International travellers visiting the city stay five star for a number of reasons, including safety and security assurances.”

In other worldwide locations price fluctuations varied. Along with Moscow, Doha also saw a a drop in prices, however some countries saw big increases in price, such has Hong Kong, Stockholm and Zurich where prices soared up by 10 percent.