Move abroad popular in Europe



While it is well known that Britain houses many citizens who dream of a life abroad, new reports suggest that the desire to move is spreading across the whole of Europe.

A recent survey has revealed that many young adults in the EU are actively seeking a move abroad. Commissioned by the EU itself, the Youth on the Move survey sought to discover exactly how many of its young adults were open to expatriation.

Results show that 53 percent of the respondents are considering a working move away, with 25 percent of that figure envisioning their time away from home to be lengthy.

The countries with the most want away citizens were led by Iceland where 84 percent of the respondents desired a foreign move, next was Sweden with 76 percent, followed by Bulgaria with 74 percent, Romania with 73 percent and Finland with 71 percent.

The report found that the main reasons that were driving people abroad included better career prospects, improved educational prospects and the desire to experience a new culture.

The survey was conducted amongst people aged 15 to 35 from all the countries of the European Union states along with Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Turkey.