New Zealand makes expat entry easier


New Zealand

The New Zealand government is planning to relax its rules regarding visas for foreign citizens, in a bid to get more skilled foreign workers into the country.

The ‘Immigration New Zealand’ website has been overhauled to give potential expats a more user-friendly and convenient experience.

New Zealand Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said: “Immigration is committed to improving its customer service. Given the important role immigration plays in bringing visitors, students, skilled migrants and others to New Zealand, services such as the website need to be responsive to customers’ needs. The revamped website is one of the many changes INZ has undergone over the past two and half years to improve its performance. Across the board, INZ has focused heavily on simplifying its processes and reducing red tape”.

The new website will include two features that are set to be of great use to expats- Visa Options and Employer’s Hub.

Visa Options will allow would-be expats to swiftly see which visas are available for them, and Employer’s Hub will allow employers to search the database for suitable expats using the ‘Skillfinder’ tool.