Gordon Ramsey departs Dubai


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Gordon Ramsey, one of the world’s most famous chefs, is leaving behind his business in Dubai.

The celebrity chef, known for his fiery temper and fondness for expletives, has announced that his pulling out of his partnership with a Hilton hotels restaurant in Dubai.

The restaurant, Verre by Gordon Ramsay, is the first international restaurant to have the name, and it opened a decade ago to huge fanfare. The restaurant also had the honour of being named Esquire magazine’s ‘best restaurant in the Middle East”.

Despite this Ramsey has opted out of the partnership. A spokesman for Gordon Ramsay Holdings (GRH), said: “After a regular review of our commercial operations, we have decided the time is right to end our consultant agreement with them”.

Ramsey has closed, or finished relationships with, a host of restaurants during the financial crisis, as he is attempting to consolidate his worldwide business empire following a number of financial losses.

Other overseas restaurants affected include Maze in both Melbourne and Prague, however new restaurants have been opened in destinations such as Doha and Montreal.