Taiwan builds monument for celebrated expats



The republic of Taiwan is to erect a monument recognising the achievements of many expatriates who have greatly contributed the island over the years.

In celebration of Taiwan's 100th anniversary as a republic, the Taiwan Council of Cultural Affairs (CoCA) will inscribe the names of expats who are said to have made a significant contribution to Taiwan onto the monument.

So far the CoCA is said to have already collected 300 names, but it also plans to leave space on the monument for more recent expats to be added. Emile Sheng, minister of the council, said: “The council is scheduled to honour them (expats) in the nation's centennial year in the form of a monument, as well as with videos and websites, in recognition of their contributions to Taiwan.”

Some of the expats thought to feature on the monument include Sister Bomans Helena Maria and George Leslie Mackay. Mackay is one of Taiwan's most celebrated expats of all time, as he spent much of his life improving health and education facilities on the island, there is even has a Taiwanese opera based on his life's work.