UAE sponsor system will stay in place



Reports from the UAE suggest that although the much maligned sponsorship system for expats will undergo an overhaul, it will not be abolished completely.

Employees and employers alike have been calling for an end to the sponsorship system that many feel is too restricting and in turn wards away potential skilled expatriates from joining the UAE’s workforce.

Recently, there has been much talk about remedying this situation so that expats have more freedom to move within employers, which is seen as positive for the UAE job market.

However some people feel that although there will be changes, they may not have quite the impact others are hoping for.

Speaking to news website Emirates24/7, Alexander McGeoch, Head/Employment & General Legal Services at Hadef & Partners in Dubai, said: “It is doubtful whether, in the UAE, we will see greatly increased flexibility in the sponsorship transfer process - still less the complete abolition of the 'sponsor' requirement - either this year or in the foreseeable future.”

So whether there are actually changes remains to be seen, however it is known that the UAE has intentions to increase its number of expat professions, especially those that come to the country boasting an impressive list of skills.