Expats hail importance of international experience


A new survey looking in depth at the fortunes of expats around the world has discovered that simply having international experience on their CV is enough to send many people abroad.

The study, conducted by the Hydrogen Group, has examined many facets of expat life, and the importance of foreign experience is one of the areas discussed. The study discovered that people in important sectors- such as energy, finance and clinical research- all deemed international experience of the utmost necessity.

Dr Claudia Jonczyk, an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, said: “How are you to recruit, evaluate and attract people in an increasingly global workplace if you don’t know the different rules of engagement in respective national job markets? It’s essential to understand that newcomers (from abroad) need to learn to deal with cultural differences and understand what makes them feel welcome and stay engaged.”

Current expat Lindsey McAuley added: “Globalisation of business means that professionally speaking, the environment is very similar wherever you work in the world. Yes, it is an upheaval, but it's also an enlightening experience; one which provides you with a greater understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and which allows you to develop as a person and as a professional.”